VentusAR v1.1 Released

VentusAR v1.1 for IPad has been released!

We have updated VentusAR, our Visualization system for Windfarm planners. Version 1.1 has been updated and is now available for download from the app store.


New features included in this release are

  • Improved compass heading
  • Added a new terrain service: OS Terrain 50 & allow you to choose to use that or Panorama
  • Flyout Panel Improvements: Added distance to nearest turbine, FOV and angle
  • Identify a turbine by clicking on it
  • Allows base map to be displayed on the terrain in My view
  • More precise height look up for heights not on a data point
  • Improved usability of the open / close buttons for the flyout panel

Full release notes are available from here