Monthly Archives: December 2013

VentusAR v1.3 Released

We are pleased to announce that we have released v1.3 of VentusAR.

This release includes enhancements to the portal website used to manage the turbine layout. For iPad and Android users this release includes many new features detailed below:

  • Security: Communication with the portal website is now encrypted
  • In-Field Layout Editing: Allow editing of turbine locations from within the app
  • Real-Time Lighting: based on sunlight direction at a particular date and time
  • Calibration Panel Improvements: centreline, reset button, compass override
  • North Reference: indicator for the North that is being used (grid, magnetic or true)
  • Improve the Android relocate functionality (Android only)
  • Height Above Ground: changed from 1.7 to 1.5m
  • Show a status of the bulk downloader
  • Enable wire frame mode in Fly Through

This is an example for the purposes of demonstration only. It in no way represents any planned wind farm development. This video shows VentusAR in action visualising an extension to an existing wind farm. Please note this video has no sound.

Full details of the changes included in this release can be found on the Release notes for iPadRelease notes for Android or Release notes for Portal pages.