Monthly Archives: March 2014

VentusAR 1.5 Released

We are pleased to announce that we have released VentusAR v1.5 for iPad, Android and portal.

This release includes enhancements to the portal website used to manage the turbine layout. We recommend updating the new version of VentusAR to take advantage of the new features that have been introduced. For iPad and android users this release includes many new features including:

  • 3D Models: Default turbine changed & improved custom models when offline
  • Fly Through: Option to enable / disable vertical exaggeration in Fly Through
  • Viewpoint Relocation: User experience improvements
  • Turbine Info Panel: Shows blade length & hub height
  • Project Details: Added project code, optional description fields not displayed

The portal has been updated to include the following new features:

  • Security Improvements: Services are now secured with use OAuth2
  • Turbine Type Management: Flexibility and optimised creation your first turbine
  • OSGB Coordinate Support: Added to single turbine or viewpoint
  • Project Terrain services: Additional user-data capabilities

New Turbine-1

Please see our the release notes on VentusAR 1.5 for Android, iPad or the portal.