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How to Become a Portal-Only User for Access to the National Cumulative Dataset

VentusAR provides access to the dataset of UK turbine locations (described in a previous blog post).  Users of the VentusAR app have one-off preview or Snapshot access for cumulative visualisation impact assessment.

We can now also offer unlimited access to the baseline data of turbine details.  This is provided via a subscription model for both app users and portal-only (website) usersradius

  1. You can view/download baseline data with unlimited searches up to 15km radius for £99 per month
  2. You can view/download baseline data with unlimited searches up to 30km radius for £199 per month
  3. You can view/download baseline data with unlimited searches up to 60km radius for £249 per month

These options are based on a 12 month minimum contract.

  •  The baseline search provides access to the UK National cumulative dataset which is updated every two months.  Therefore, at times when you do a search, it may contain slightly out of date data. The baseline search details every project along with turbine information (location, sizes and models) and planning application types and number. It can be used within your project, including as a baseline for additional searches (hence the name).
  • For more up-to-date details you can optionally purchase a Snapshot for an area.  We will run extensive research to provide a refreshed dataset of all the cumulative projects found within your search area. Again, this dataset includes every project name along with turbine information (location, sizes and models) and planning application types and number. It also includes the full metadata of the research (which document the data came from and on which date it was recorded).  We aim to get this data to you within five working days of ordering. The pricing structure of a snapshot is based on the number of projects found within your search area.  Hence a more complex, intensive, validated search area costs more.
    You can view the prices on our website here.  These prices are available to regular VentusAR app users, but as a subscriber to the cumulative baseline data you will receive 10% off.

All data is available to export as a .CSV file for use within your own systems. We just ask that you adhere to the terms and conditions and the data is not for resale.

If you would like to discuss either of these subscriptions, or other options, please contact us at or call 0141 559 6170

Viewing and Purchasing Cumulative Datasets

In our previous blog we introduced the VentusAR cumulative data service and described just how big the dataset is. Now I guess you’re now wondering how you get access to it?

It’s simple, and can save you time, effort and money in your everyday work.

As a VentusAR customer, you already have the tools to allow you to view a summary of the cumulative projects within the National Dataset. Full access to the details and a snapshot update are available at a small cost.

Now, non-VentusAR app customers can also access the data by signing up as a Cumulative Data User (portal-only, no app), please contact us for more information.

So, where to start? At the Portal login as usual, select the project you want to assess the cumulative impact on, and navigate to the ‘Cumulative’ tab.

Here you can:

  • View any ‘Organisational’ Cumulative Projects you have set up within the portal
  • View the Free Summary from the National Dataset
  • Request a Snapshot of the Project Area (remember, a Snapshot is a time-stamped update of the cumulative projects following our search and refresh process)
  • View your Snapshot Data

Free Summary

The free summary shows the number of cumulative projects found within the range set by the user (i.e. 30km), they are organised by project stage.


You can change the search range by navigating to Edit Project page and entering the specific radius you require in the Cumulative Search Radius field. This enables different searches to be quickly and easily previewed for summary counts before ordering a Snapshot. The National Database is refreshed every two months.

Requesting a Snapshot

To ensure the data is up-to-date for a particular project, each Snapshot delivery is validated and refreshed individually for all the Cumulative Data within your project radius.

The charges for this service are worked out by the number of projects found within your search area. The Portal will show you how much you will be charged, and youcan review before committing. You must agree to our data usage and pricing terms.

To request the Snapshot, click the Request Snapshot button.


Once you have agreed to terms and ordered a Snapshot, instant access is provided to full details within the National Dataset for the project area.  This includes project name and location, turbine information (locations, sizes and models) and planning application number.

(Remember, the national dataset extract may be up to two-months out of date so should not be used for planning submissions).

An up-to-date Snapshot refresh will be provided within 5 – 7 working days of order.  This includes project name and location, turbine information (locations, sizes and models) and planning application number. The snapshot will be delivered directly to your project within the Portal, and will replace the extract from the National Dataset. The Snapshot provides up to date details of nearby projects, so may be used for planning submissions.

Additional metadata is included in the snapshot to show the source source and date retrieved to provide an auditable trail of cumulative data.

Viewing the Cumulative Data within the App

You can view the Free Summary in the app too, The details will be locked however, and will only show the project locations on the map summary.


After you have requested a Snapshot, the Cumulative Data will be available in the app, on the map summary, the Fly Through and on My View. Until the Snapshot is delivered, this will be the latest National Dataset details available.


Exporting Cumulative Data

As well as being viewable in the app, the Snapshot Cumulative Dataset you purchase can also be downloaded for your own use as a .CSV (comma separated, plain text) file.

Upon purchasing the dataset, you agree to only use your data for provision of the VentusAR system and services, or in relation to your use for that project only and not for data resale.

If you have any questions regarding access to our Cumulative Data, please feel free to call us on 0141 559 6170 or email

Cumulative Data Refresh

UK-Themed-UK-copyToday we have imported a refresh of the national cumulative data available within VentusAR. This is dataset contains information the size and location about every turbine in Great Britain and is available within the VentusAR portal to make it source accurate cumulative data for a project you are working on. This dataset has already saved some of our clients two weeks of tedious research work to get an accurate picture of the turbines and projects that would have a cumulative impact on their project.

I thought I would share a few statistics derived from this dataset. All data is taken from publicly accessible sources and is aggregated into VentusAR’s national cumulative database. The database is refreshed every two months. Please note:

  • Data is based on information retrieved from the planning authorities public websites up to the 28th February 2015
  • Based on this data source, there is no easy way to tell if a consented project has been constructed.

Great Britain

The total turbine and project counts for Great Britain as a whole (this includes England, Scotland and Wales) No data is included for Northern Ireland.

  • 15550 Projects applied for (8739 consented or constructed)
  • 29577 Turbines applied for (16206 consented or constructed)


As Linknode is based in Scotland, I thought we would start with looking at the turbines that have been in the planning system for Scotland. These queries can be run for other countries, regions or areas, next time we do a refresh, I will post some statistics for another area.

Total Applications

  • 4937 Projects in the planning system (3047 consented or constructed)
  • 12700 Turbines in the planning system (7374 consented or constructed)

Applications by Project Size

I wanted to know the number of single turbine projects in Scotland. This chart shows the split of single turbine projects compared to multi turbine projects. So approximately three quarters of the turbines are from multi turbine projects while approximately one quarter are from single turbine projects.


Turbines By Development size in Scotland

  Projects Turbines
Single Turbine Projects 3275 3275
Multi Turbine Projects 1662 9425

Applications by Stage

Our cumulative database represents turbines and projects at different stages within the planning application system. We include all the data that we can find on the local authorities websites, so everything that has been rejected is included. The stages we include in the VentusAR national cumulative dataset are:

  • Consented – the scheme has been consented – it may or may not be constructed.
  • Proposed – a scheme is currently in the planning application system and is being assessed by local authorities
  • Refused – the scheme has been rejected by planning authorities. The developer may appealed the scheme within the appropriate time limit.
  • Scoping – a developer has asked the planning authority for an opinion of their scheme. No formal planning application has been submitted
  • Screening – a developer has asked the planning authority for an opinion of their scheme. No formal planning application has been submitted.
  • Withdrawn – The developer has withdrawn the planning application and this information has been marked on the weekly list.

As seen above, single turbine projects make up a quarter of the total applications that have been through or are going through the planning application system. To my mind, there are two key differences:

  • 64% of single turbine projects have successfully got through the planning application system, while only 56% of larger multi turbine projects have been successfully.
  • The refused rate is broadly similar (18% for larger multi turbine projects, 15% for single turbine projects)
  • The withdrawn rate for single turbine projects is double that of multi turbine project (7% for multi turbine projects, 15% for single turbine projects).

These are best shown visually:

Total Turbines by Type in Scotland

Total Turbines by Type in Scotland

Single Turbine Projects Multi Turbine Projects
Projects Turbines Projects Turbines
Consented  2090  2090  957  5284
Proposed  197  197  157  1590
Refused  477  477  307  1687
Scoping  3  3  21  135
Screening  25  25  22  95
Withdrawn  483  483  198  634

Turbine Sizes

I thought it might be interesting to know the average hub height and average blade length of the turbines that are in or have been through the planning application system in Scotland.

The average hub height off all turbines in Scotland turns out to be 48m, while the average blade length is 25.8m. Again I’ve broken these statistics down by single turbine projects (average hub height 24.1m, blade length 10.2m) and multi turbine projects (average hub height 56.2m and blade length 31.2m). The magnitude of difference between these sizes is shown visually below.

Average Turbine Size for Single and Multi turbines projects in Scotland

Average Turbine Size for Single and Multi turbines projects in Scotland

  Average Hub Height (m) Average Blade Length (m)
Single Turbine 24.1 10.2
Multi Turbine 56.2 31.2


These statistics provide an insight into the volume of wind turbines currently in the planning system. I plan to do similar statistical analysis each time we import a new Cumulative Dataset into VentusAR to provide further insight into the wind turbine picture in the Great Britain.

If you have other suggestions of interesting statistics (most used turbine model at different sizes) or want to have a custom analysis and report created for a specific area, please email

The new VentusAR national cumulative dataset contains 15550 different Projects and 29577 Turbines. This data was sourced in the two months up to 28th February 2015 and loaded on 3rd March 2015. It contains all publicly accessible information about the project and the turbine locations, including turbine type and dimensions.

The dataset is used to obtain cumulative data provides a quick, easy and convenient way of discovering the picture of the other projects currently in the planning application system in a search area. More information can be found about the VentusAR national cumulative dataset on the VentusAR website.

This dataset is available to all, whether you are a  VentusAR customer or not. Non-VentusAR customers can access the data by registering as a “portal-only” user.  Please contact us for further information.