VentusAR 2.3 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of VentusAR v2.3 for Android, iPad (and associated portal updates).

Stitching_02For iPad and Android users this release includes many new features including:

  • Gallery Sync – an easy way to sync all data from the device to the portal
  • High Resolution Renders – Size the of the output Renders has increased to make higher resolution photomontages and photo wirelines
  • Import direct from external camera. In VentusAR 2.2 we added the ability to upload photography from external camera to the device via the portal, in order to streamline this process users can now import photos direct from the camera into the device.

For portal users this release include the following features:

  • Stitching together images to create panorama’s
  • Streamlining access to the national cumulative dataset

We recommend updating the new version of VentusAR to take advantage of the new features that have been introduced. On first launch after update, the device will migrate the gallery to the new format to allow the new gallery sync process to occur. Please ensure the device is online and able to connect to the VentusAR portal while this process completes.

See the full release notes for Android, iPad and the portal.