Cumulative Data Refresh: May 2015

UK-Themed-UK-copyEarlier this week, we imported a refresh of our national cumulative data which is available from VentusAR (both for app-users and for data-only access). The dataset contains information on the size and location wind turbines as they pass through the UK planning application systems.

Last time I delved a little deeper into the statistics for turbines and projects across the UK. I thought I would follow this up with a more detailed comparison of the stats for Scotland to see how the picture has changed as we continue to improve the data.

Headline numbers for the May 2015 refresh across the UK are 15,717 projects containing 29,940 turbines. This is approximately 1% more turbines than imported in the March 2015 dataset.


This time we have done a fair amount of data cleaning within the Scotland data. For example, there are instances where we have merged separate turbines back under one project umbrella. In all, this continuous improvement gives us a clearer picture of what has been going on in Scotland and enhances the value of the data for cumulative assessment even further.

Headline numbers for Scotland are there are now 4,871 projects containing 12,755 turbines (this is up 0.5% on the March 2015 import).

By Stage Through the Planning Process

It is always interesting to see how the planning pipeline looks. The table below shows that the number of projects that are proposed (i.e. awaiting a decision) is down 34 projects (from 357 to 320). This is due to a number of projects moving from proposed to either consented or refused.

Stage Total Projects Total Turbines
Consented 2,991 7,398
Proposed 320 1,796
Refused 804 2,191
Scoping 23 138
Screening 45 106
Withdrawn 688 1,126

By Local Authority

An alternative view on the data shows where in the country the 0.5% growth is. Below is a table of all the Local Authorities that have had an increase in the number of turbines in the planning system since our last refresh. These are the Local Authorities in Scotland where wind developments are most actively being put into the planning system.  Over time, we will be able to compare year-on-year to give a broader picture of development.

Local Authority Number of Projects Number of Turbines Turbines Added
East Ayrshire 165 646 28
Highland 554 1,861 14
North Ayrshire 45 208 11
Perth & Kinross 250 630 5
Aberdeenshire 856 1,299 2
Argyll & Bute 253 812 2
Dumfries & Galloway 256 1,137 2
Fife 163 298 2
Edinburgh 33 38 1
Falkirk 57 109 1
Moray 152 480 1


Our third refresh of the VentusAR National Cumulative dataset has increased the overall project and turbine count by approximately 1%. The size of the planning pipeline is slightly smaller than it was in the March 2015 dataset, but East Ayrshire, Highland and North Ayrshire were the top three authorities by number of turbines added in the last two months.

If you have other suggestions of interesting statistics (most used turbine model at different sizes) or want to have a custom analysis and report created for a specific area, please email


Notes to Readers

The VentusAR May 2015 refresh contains data sourced in the two months up to 1st May 2015 and loaded on 3rd May 2015. It contains publicly accessible information about the project and the turbine locations, including turbine type and dimensions.

The dataset can be used as a quick, easy and convenient way to obtain cumulative turbine locations, required as part of the onshore wind development process. More information can be found about the VentusAR national cumulative dataset on the VentusAR website.

This dataset is available to all, whether you are a  VentusAR app customer or not. Non-VentusAR customers can access the data via a secure website by registering as a “portal-only” user.  Please contact us for further information.