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Bad Murder?

Today (18 June 2015), Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change announced that the government was bringing forwards a Tory manifesto pledge to controversially end the subsidy for onshore wind development a year early (to April 2016). The announcement has been (and continues to be) challenged by industry and Scottish government.

This is undoubtedly bad timing for an industry on the cusp of standing on it’s own feet – but it’s also not the killing off of a massive employment and investment component of the economy. The industry will carry on becoming leaner and deliver efficiencies across planning, construction and operation. Linknode will continue to deliver digital capabilities to provide rapid, proportionate and accessible solutions to help facilitate development, planning and community engagement.

This week I was reading the “Subsidies and costs of EU Energy” Final Report, published in November 2014. For those who think TL;DR the chart below comes from the final page:

ECOFYS - Levelised Energy Costs

Despite bad reporting from much of the popular press in the UK, it is clear that subsidies across all energy generation – including fossil fuels and nuclear – make up the energy bill mix. Add to this the recent call from G7 countries to phase out fossil fuels entirely, worldwide by the end of the century and we need a programme of mid-term goals for the next generation that will require public and private investment.

So, today we are where we are.
Tomorrow, onshore wind will further innovate and move forwards – Linknode are an enabling partner in the industry and continue to facilitate economic digital data services and cost effective scoping planning and development tools with VentusAR.

Does Amber Rudd mean Bad Murder? Only in an anagram generator.

VentusAR v3.0 Released

We are delighted to announce that over the weekend, we released VentusAR v3.0 for Android and iPad (plus associated portal updates).

This is a significant feature release. VentusAR now has the added ability to create PDF output from images to comply with SNH guidance. Proudly, we estimate that photomontages can be created in VentusAR in just two hours – significantly shortening the time and expense for each one created. The aim is to make image assessment more inclusive and cheaper within the planning process.


We recommend you update to VentusAR v3.0 to take advantage of these new features.

For the mobile tablet, new features include:

  • Panorama viewer
  • Improved gallery sync
  • Public presentation mode

For the portal, major enhancements include:

  • Redesigned media tab to allow access to the new types of image (panorama, wireline, photomontage etc)
  • Enhanced PDF tab (allows PDFs to be managed more efficiently)
  • Enhanced viewpoint functions (allows viewpoints to be renamed / deleted)

Creating SNH compliant PDFs is a complicated business, and over the coming days and weeks we will document the process here on our blog. However if you would prefer a personal introduction to how the process works, please get in touch with us on 0141 559 6170 or email

Please see the full release notes for Android, iPad and the portal