Cumulative Data Refresh: Sept 2015

Cumulative150This week we have re-imported out national cumulative dataset. As we usually do when we re-import the data, we had a brief dive into it to explore what is new and what new applications are going on in the onshore wind industry in the UK.

Headline numbers for September 2015 dataset – there are now 31470 turbines spread over 16502 projects.


This time, we’ve changed our data collection and import process slightly. We now identify if a planning application has gone to an appeal. All projects in an appeal will be in the Appeal In Progress state.

In our National Cumulative dataset, we know of 157 projects in 85 Local Authorities that are currently going through appeal. To break this down by Local Authority we get the following top 10 Local Authorities with wind projects currently in appeal.

Number of Appeals Local Authority
13 Aberdeenshire
7 Torridge
5 Highland
5 Barnsley
4 Newark & Sherwood
4 Perth & Kinross
4 South Lanarkshire
3 North Ayrshire
3 North Lincolnshire
3 Allerdale

Notes to Readers, Users and Editors

The VentusAR September 2015 refresh contains data sourced in the two months up to 1st September 2015 and loaded on 15th Sept 2015. It contains publicly accessible information about the project and the turbine locations, including turbine type and dimensions.

The dataset can be used as a quick, easy and convenient way to obtain cumulative turbine locations, required as part of the onshore wind development process. More information can be found about the VentusAR national cumulative dataset on the VentusAR website.

This dataset is available to all, whether you are a  VentusAR app customer or not. Non-VentusAR customers can access the data via a secure website by registering as a “portal-only” user.  Please contact us for further information.

If you have other suggestions of interesting statistics (most used turbine model at different sizes) or want to have a custom analysis and report created for a specific area, please email