24 hours with the iPad Pro

Last week, Apple released the newest version of the iPad – the monster iPad Pro. We will be supporting this as an option from the next release of VentusAR (due out in a few weeks). We do some rigorous testing and calibration of new devices (I wrote about this when testing the iPad Air 2 last novemeber). I thought I would post some details of what the device is like


Firstly the technical specification (taken from iPad Pro and Air 2 specs and our own research).

iPad Pro iPad Air 2

length x width

30cm x 22cm 24cm x 17cm


2732 x 2048 (264ppi) 2048 x 1536 (264ppi)


8 Mega pixels 8 Mega pixels

FOV (My View)

60.8° 60.1°

FOV (Gallery)

60.8° 60.1°

Memory (RAM)

 4GB  2GB

battery life

9-10hrs 9-10hrs


Keyboard / pencil N/A

The principal different between the iPad Air 2 and the Pro is the screen size. The device has a similar Field of View from the camera but displays 1degree across 45pixels instead of 1degree across 25 pixels. This will provide better higher resolution when viewing in the field.

Use in the Field

how-it-worksDue to the devices size, it can become a bit unwieldy to use in field. On a windy day the device does catch the wind and act a little like a sail. However we’ve found it to be a bit easier to use with the G-Hold to make it a bit easier to use. This is a gadget you add to the back of the iPad to make it easier to hold and operate one handed. Have a look at some of the videos on the G-Hold website for how it works.

Multitasking support in iOS 9

Not strictly related to the iPad Pro, but certainly a benefit of the new version of iOS 9. If you drag in from the left, you can start the multitasking support in iOS 9. This allows you to run the notes app to the side of VentusAR. Useful if you want to save some notes while out in the field.


Built in Notes app side by side with Gallery view

In all the new iPad Pro, looks good. I can see it being a significant benefit when used in the field. It provides a bigger screen and therefore shows the view provided with VentusAR that much better. Contact us at hello@ventusar.com to set up a time where we could show you the new iPad Pro and how VentusAR takes advantage of this new larger screen size.