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Linknode Platoon!

To celebrate our 5th birthday, yesterday, we suited up for an afternoon of go-karting and strategic laser combat.


The go-karting was a GP3 – 10 qualifying laps, 12 heat laps, and then a 14 lap final race. Couple of crashes – George spun and got stuck, which made Dave stop, at which point Abi came careering round the corner, full speed and smashed right into the back of Dave. Ouch!

In the final race, Dave and Minh both got red-flagged for ‘accidentally’ nudging other drivers!

Final podium winners were:

Bronze: Rufus Mall
Silver: Ryan Welsh
Gold: Crispin Hoult

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iOS 9.3.2 Released

ios9This week, Apple released an update to iOS 9. The iOS 9.3.2 update brings a few minor fixes to the iPad for the newest iPad Pro users.

This has been tested with VentusAR and all appears to be working fine.  We recommend upgrading to the latest version of iOS to take advantage of these new features and fixes.

Cumulative Data Refresh: April 2016

Last week was the end of April, so it was time to update our cumulative dataset again. The headline numbers in our dataset now includes: 31547 turbines over 16493 projects.

Break down by stage

Stage Total Projects Total Turbines
Consented 9,105 17,054
Proposed 568 2,115
Appeal in Progress
160 373
Refused 2,884 5,832
Scoping 70 382
Screening 995 1,427
Withdrawn 2,716 4,364

Notes to Readers, Users and Editors

The VentusAR April 2016 refresh contains data sourced up to 1st May 2016. It contains publicly accessible information about project and turbine locations including turbine type and dimensions.

The dataset can be used as a quick, easy and convenient way to obtain cumulative turbine locations, required as part of the onshore wind development process. More information can be found on the VentusAR website.

Exploring through a 360 panoramic photograph

As a company, Linknode are always looking for new ways of presenting information that could help our customers.
Recently we have been trying out Google Cardboard as a way to present 360° photographs. As you’ll see below, these 360° photographs look good and work well, so today we are announcing the VentusAR Cardboard app: a way of display gallery images in a Google Cardboard. Continue reading