Linknode Platoon!

To celebrate our 5th birthday, yesterday, we suited up for an afternoon of go-karting and strategic laser combat.


The go-karting was a GP3 – 10 qualifying laps, 12 heat laps, and then a 14 lap final race. Couple of crashes – George spun and got stuck, which made Dave stop, at which point Abi came careering round the corner, full speed and smashed right into the back of Dave. Ouch!

In the final race, Dave and Minh both got red-flagged for ‘accidentally’ nudging other drivers!

Final podium winners were:

Bronze: Rufus Mall
Silver: Ryan Welsh
Gold: Crispin Hoult


Combat City

We then got changed into our combat gear for an hour of strategic, laser, running around like lunatics, army combat.

Two teams!
Red team: Dave, Abi and Rufus
Blue team: Crispin, George Minh and Ryan.

We played two games of death match, two games of domination, and one game of capture the flag.

It started off very strategic, hiding, aiming the sights, very snipery – and after half an hour turned into full scale kamikaze chaos!

The blue team won overall, but they did have an extra man, and there was quite a bit of cheating going on!

All in all an excellent day out, lots of laughs, lots of competition, and lots of injuries.

Today, Abi is limping having jarred her foot whilst smashing into the back of Dave. Dave is on the ibuprofen, having a sore back from the same crash. Rufus has a sore butt and Ryan arms hurt (unrelated injuries)

I think we’ll stick to the augmented reality!